About Chris Westinghouse

Kambah 2902, ACT (Canberra), Australia

WEBSITE: http://www.chriswestinghouse.com

Chris Westinghouse, photojournalist, Melbourne, journalist, photographer, photo, studio, media, news

Chris Westinghouse

 South African born. New Zealand citizen. Australian taxpayer!


I live my professional life in a few unusual compartments:


    Here’s the gratuitous self-promotion (skip it if you like): I am an ex-politician, a senior public servant, strategic scientist, jurist and political communications and reputation management specialist with more than 30 years of experience around the world.  I’ve served in some top corporate roles, including the Boards of companies involved in pharmaceuticals, aviation, banking, marketing research, as well as my own consulting practice.  I’ve managed projects as diverse as the release from prison of Nelson Mandela to project management of South Africa’s National Communication Policy and Strategy, a cabinet committee role attached to the Office of the President.  I served on the Defence Command Council as Director of Communication in the Ministry of Defence before joining the private sector as a lobbyist and communications strategist for the Chamber of Mines of Southern Africa, and World Gold Council.  In the 1990s I was sole spokesperson for the top ten companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange during their High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal battle with the Government over services price hikes, and later in Australasia I served as spokesperson for the world’s biggest research-based pharmaceuticals company, Pfizer.  As a strategic scientist with an interest in corporate and political issues management and global conflict I maintain a lively participation in peer forums involved in international relations around the world.

I’m keen to return to the corporate world on a full-time basis, in a communications, reputation management or lobbying role.


     I’ve spent much of my time and energy as a photographer and freelance photojournalist in the last 15 years.  I am especially interested in documentary photography, and I try to explore new places, new cultures and their social and developmental issues at least once a year.  As a new immigrant it was difficult to establish myself in New Zealand and Australia, especially given my professional background, so I turned to photography as a way of occupying myself in the interim. The “interim” has continued for a very long time.  It’s been fun, and it’s a pleasing distraction from the cut-throat and cynical world of politics and commerce.  I have a modest photo studio onsite at my home in the leafy suburb of Kew in Melbourne’s East.

I shoot a wide variety of material, from studio models to African wildlife; from Nat Geo-style documentary work to social commentary, news and events; from boats and aircraft to architecture and political events  You get the idea: the word “generalist” was invented to describe the photography that I do.  I travel often.  I’ve recently joined the Earthwatch Institute as a volunteer photographer in Australia.  

Dr Chris Westinghouse, Nelson Mandela, Mandela, Westinghouse,

I am actively pursuing photojournalism or consulting assignments globally, especially in the NGO sector.

I am also available for conflict photojournalism assignments.

CONTACT ME:    chris.westinghouse@gmail.com     Mobile +61 424 987448     @docprodigi

   Photojournalist Asia, photographer, journalist, photographer, media, journo, freelance, vanuatu                 The way I’d like to be remembered… when that time comes.  Vanuatu, 2009. 

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